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The Rock Rose Foundation aims to address the root causes of social injustice by providing funding to S.O.L.I.D. organizations: Sustainable, Original, Local, Impactful, and Diverse.

Sustainable - We expect our partners to be environmentally conscious in their plans. We also expect them to be economically sound, with methods in place to perpetuate their work without continuous investment.


Original - We are looking for partners with new ideas. We are open to investing in unproven concepts, so we can attempt to prove them together!


Local - Our partners must come from the communities that they serve. We are seeking partners that focus on the needs of their community.


Impactful - We want partners who have a plan that can make a large impact from small funding.


Diverse - We expect our partners to include diverse voices within their organization, and serve a diverse community.


Our goal is to create communities of people with a solid foundation for survival and well-being, empowering them with the time and energy to solve bigger problems together.

Thanks for your message!

Are you a charitable organization working to make Bell County a better place? Then we want to give you money! Don't be afraid if you're too small or too new - we want to support new ideas.

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